Are you frustrated because you can’t get ahold of your contractor?  We return calls on the same day.

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    Are you concerned because your contractors don’t listen to you?

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    Are you upset that your contractor won’t give you a straight answer?

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Excavators in Greeley that Promise to Always Put You First

When excavators in Greeley prioritize dirt and digging holes above your needs… well, it’s almost as if they’re telling you, “You’re lower than dirt to me.”

Now imagine working with a company that focuses on people, rather than on moving dirt. A company that keeps the promises they make, won’t let important details fall through the cracks, and always tells it like it is .

That’s us; we’re Trans-Colorado Excavation, and we put you first.

When we come to work, it’s with a smile, a firm handshake, and a reputation that speaks for itself.

How else do we put you first? We’re straight shooters; we’re reliable. We’re not going to overcharge, ill advise, or say one thing and do another. Once our job is complete, we want to walk away as “your guys;” the company you tell your friends to call when they need work done, and not just “the excavators in Greeley who did some work for me.”

Imagine the ease of making one simple call and knowing that everything below the ground is handled. Why should you have to make ten phone calls for flatwork, damp proofing, backfilling, and excavation? Our clients love the convenience, not to mention that we assume all liability for all those pieces so that there’s no finger pointing down the road if something were to go wrong.

You’re our customer, and we want to be “your guy.”

That’s a promise we make now; that’s a promise we’ll keep forever.

Promise Made Promises Kept